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Courtesy Driver - Havasu Landing Resort and Casino - Havasu Lake, CA

Courtesy Driver - Havasu Landing Resort and Casino - Havasu Lake, CA Possess or have ability to obtain a valid Arizona Driver’s License :. Must provide a current MVD print out of your driving record.... From Havasu Landing Resort and Casino - Wed, 18 Jul 2018 00:07:25 GMT - View all Havasu Lake, CA jobs
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[Business] - Tribe breaks ground on $40M casino near Lake Havasu City | Washington Times

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[Business] - Tribe breaks ground on $40M casino near Lake Havasu City

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[Business] - Tribe breaks ground on $40M casino near Lake Havasu City

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If You See Graffiti Reading "FOR A GOOD TIME CALL:", follow this "Rule of the Road"...

The following contains a transcript from a short radio broadcast that has been picked up by various listeners across the continental United States. Many have been perplexed by its sudden appearance and how it seems to preempt whatever song or radio program they are listening to at the time. It has even been known to appear on streaming programs such as podcasts or Spotify. Listeners have described hearing different episodes and there have been many situations and incidents.
A 23 year old college student named Yuvisela contacted me with her account of hearing the broadcast. She and her boyfriend had encountered the broadcast while driving one sultry summer afternoon from Austin, TX.
So I have this thing with waterfalls. I’m a little obsessed with them. In my free time and when I’m not paying attention in lecture, I like to look on the internet at pictures of them and daydream that I’m there: the roar of the splashing water, the white foamy spray, my bare toes dipped into the icy spring. I’ve got a Pinterest page with hundreds of falls that I would like to visit one day. Niagara, Havasu, Victoria Falls, Gullfoss, Iguazu; they’re all on there. I keep them all catalogued for my bucket list.
Yet, how many people go to the grave with their bucket list hardly finished? I bet a lot.
My boyfriend, Gabriel, likes to mess with me about my obsession. He’ll come up behind me while I’m on my computer or look over my shoulder at my phone and see that I’m looking at waterfalls.
“Don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to,” he’ll sing when he catches me. It’s this old song he knows, TLC or something. He’s about six years older than me. I’ll joke with him to leave me alone and quit singing that old music, ask him if he used to listen to that on an 8-track or something.
“No, my older sister listened to it on CD. You know CD’s? Those little plastic things with the holes in them? That little slot in your car’s stereo, a CD goes in there. They don’t make ‘em in the new cars anymore.”
We’ve had a variation of this same conversation a bunch of times. It’s kind of a running joke between the two of us—him poking fun at my waterfall obsession and me making fun of how old he is—and while he thinks the waterfall thing is a cute little quirk of mine, he also has been supportive of my passion. That’s why he surprised me with the trip that summer. He knew that I was yearning to see some of these places. He knew that he wanted to make me happy. He knew that my resources were limited. He knew that we weren’t getting any younger; I was 23 and still had a semester to go.
But he also knew that we weren’t getting any richer, either. At least not anytime soon. I know I’m a little bit older for a college student, but it’s taken me a bit longer on account of having to work and stuff. I can’t take a full load every semester. Money’s always tight. I work full time and barely stay ahead, even sending some of my money to help my mom out. Gabriel offered to help me out some and we’d even talked about moving in together, but we had only been together a year at that point and I wasn’t quite ready.
Before my dad had passed, I’d promised him that I was going to get my college degree and I wanted to do it all on my own. While I loved Gabriel and could see myself marrying him, I didn’t want to deal with a transition like that so close to the finish line. Besides, we were getting along so well as it was. Why mess with a good thing?
And it was a good thing that kept better. Just when I thought that I couldn’t love Gabriel more, on my birthday he surprised me with the best present I’ve ever gotten. It was a little black notebook with this kind of leathery cover. While the notebook itself was nice, it was what was inside that was the true present. At some point, he had gone onto my Pinterest page and written down page after page of waterfalls, organizing them by country and state. He had put little squares beside them, boxes to check off. The last two pages were Texas and Oklahoma. He had written a note there. It read:
“Let’s start now...”
* * *
So far, the trip had been a blast. We had started out in Abilene where we both lived and where I attended college. From there, we went to a place called Gorman Falls at this state park. It was one of the tallest waterfalls in the state and all of the foliage and moss around it was lush and green and for a while, if I crossed my eyes just right it was like I wasn’t even in Texas.
We couldn’t hit all the sites in a day. It was a road trip with multiple nights in hotels. After Gorman Falls and staying at a hotel, we headed towards Austin and stopped off at Hamilton Pool Preserve. The waterfall wasn’t as tall as Gorman, but I have to say I liked it better. The water formed a curtain as it poured off of a rocky shelf and into this sunken grotto of blue green water.
We stayed at this magical place for hours, swimming in the water and soaking up the sun. I could’ve stayed longer, but it was starting to get crowded, so we headed to Austin for a night on the town on 6th Street.
The next day we slept in and got a late start on the road. Lunch was at a Whataburger outside Waco. We sat and ate our food and looked at our phones. I browsed Instagram and my eyes skimmed over a gorgeous site. Yep, another waterfall. I slid my phone over to Gabriel.
“Look!” I said.
“Am I supposed to be looking at the butt or the waterfall?” he asked. An Instagram model was standing with her back to the camera, looking up at the water in awe.
“The waterfall, silly.”
“Seriously, that skinny white girl ain’t got nothing on you. Better let me take a look, just to be sure.”
I stood and twirled around quickly, teasing him. “Ok, so back to the waterfall. Did you look at it?”
“Yeah, it’s beautiful babe. Where was this one?”
“Iceland,” I sighed.
“Oh, right.”
“It’s not looking good for the time being. Maybe in a few years, yeah?”
“Just gotta see how the election goes. I ain’t holding my breath.”
See, neither of us were U.S. citizens. We were what you call DACA recipients. Both of us had wound up in America via illegal means on behalf of our parents, back when we were kids. This was when we were too young to have any say in the matter. I can hardly remember my life before, my life back in Mexico. I grew up here, went to school here. Texas and America is the only home I’ve ever known. Gabriel, he was originally from Guatemala. His situation is more or less the same.
If we were to leave the country, then we might risk not being able to get back in. You could apply for eligibility to travel if you had special circumstances, but they didn’t allow travel for leisure. We didn’t even have passports. Until then, our dreams of traveling—something we both wanted to do—were just that: dreams.
There was a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Obama and that DREAM act, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. You know, the dreamers or whatever? That’s what they call us. I guess they call it that because it’s just a freaking fantasy that disappears at the slightest thing—the sunrise, your phone alarm—out of your grasp as soon as you start your day.
Anyways, I applied for the DREAM act, but it hasn’t been a guarantee. We’re all stuck in a sort of limbo, waiting for the people in Washington to figure out what the hell to do with us, using us as a bargaining chip.
Not Gabriel though, he didn’t apply for the act. Part of it was that he was bad about procrastinating. The other part was that he was paranoid about signing up. I told him that he was an idiot and if he blew his chance to become a legal permanent resident, then I wouldn’t follow him to Guatemala if he got deported. He told me that he didn’t trust the program, that once they had you in the system they could track you easier, keep tabs on you. Said he knew a guy that got deported this way. I told him that the guy must’ve gotten into some legal trouble, a DUI or something, to have been deported.
“We’re all just one slip up from some legal trouble. Hell, some people consider us illegal right now,” he had said.
It was hard to argue against that, I guess. At least he knew where he stood, didn’t have that false hope. Sometimes I think it’s the hope that gets you, makes things worse.
Gabriel frowned and handed the phone back to me, looked out the window and took a sip of his Coke. I suddenly felt bad and ungrateful. Here was this amazing man that had planned out an awesome road trip just for me and I was busy looking at other far off adventures, not appreciating what I had right in front of me, the moment I was living in right now.
I leaned forward and kissed him. "I don't care where I'm at as long as you're with me," I said and he smiled.
What I told him just then, it was true. That didn’t mean I was going to grow complacent and quit dreaming.
They did call us dreamers after all.
It was one of those giant truck stops, the kind that was a little smaller than a Wal-Mart or Target, but just barely. We filled up and paced around inside and looked at the aisles and aisles of candy, the funny toys and souvenirs, and the tacky t-shirts.
“Hey Yuvi, whaddaya say? It’s your size.” Gabriel asked, holding up a black t-shirt with glittery letters. “PROUD TRUCKER WIFE” it read.
“Only if you get that one,” I said, pointing at a T-shirt with a semi-truck on it that read “I JUST DROPPED A LOAD”.
“Eww,” Gabriel said, laughing.
We both wandered around on our own. They had a huge candy section and I was looking to see if they had any vero elotes candy. I had just found a bag on a bottom shelf when Gabriel came skipping up.
“We are so getting this,” he said, holding up a plastic CD case.
“What is it?”
“Best of the ‘90s. It’s got your song on there, see? ‘Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls.’ Can we get it? It’s only 3.99.”
“Ha, ok. But only if you buy me this,” I said, handing him the candy.
There was traffic from hell just south of Denton on account of construction and a car wreck or two. We were stop-and-go for what seemed like an hour. I was passenger side and Gabriel idled along.
“Ok. I think now’s the time to break out this bad boy,” Gabriel said as he started tearing at the plastic wrap around the CD case.
“I think this is the first time I’ve even used the CD player in this car.”
“Aw hell yeah,” Gabriel said as the first song started playing. “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.”
“Getting what, now?”
“It’s your boy, Will Smith. Y’know the Fresh Prince? Betcha didn’t know he had a little music career.”
“That guy from I Am Legend and Aladdin?”
Gabriel rolled his eyes. “I guess. His older work is much better.”
“Well I don’t know. You act like you're this old and wise millennial. You’re not that much older than me, y’know.”
“I’m telling ya, my Gen-X sister raised me on all of this stuff. I think she was Gen-X. I don’t know the damn cutoffs. Anyways, she babysat me a lot growing up while Mama was working and stuff. She cultured my little ass. Ooh, here it is!”
A new song started playing. I couldn’t help but laugh at how it started. “It sounds like porn music!”
“Nah, shhhh. Shhh.” Gabriel bobbed his head along to the beat.
The chorus started to worm it’s way into my head. The song was ok, I guess. I still can’t really listen to it to this day.
“You gotta listen to this dope rap coming up,” Gabriel said.
There was the sound of hissing and popping, wet logs burning in a fire. Whispers intermingled with the sound effects. One of the voices rose above the others and said “Listen!” harshly in Spanish, you know, “Escuchen! Escuchen!”, several times.
We both looked at each other with wide eyes. The traffic crept forward slowly and Gabriel kept his hands on the wheel and I kept mine in my lap and that’s when he started to talk. It was this happy sounding older guy, talking right there on my car’s speakers.
Gooood afternoon folks, Buck Hensley here with a special rush hour edition of “The Rules of the Road”. Hope ya’ll are doing alright out there while you’re idling on the clogged arteries of America’s highways and byways, breathing in those delicious exhaust fumes. I know that good ol’ Mother Earth likes to take a big fat rip of that stuff from time to time, although as of late she seems to be getting quite a contact high from that delicious Co2 and starting to feel the effects just a little too much.
And yet you all keep puff-puffing and passing, never slowing down. What with your jet planes and your driving and your travel and your neverending consumption and your cow farts and whatnot. All I’m saying is that you folks might wanna slow down a bit on that stuff, because I’ve seen the end results and all I can say is that they are hilarious. But I understand if you wanna keep on keeping on and having a good time. All I can say is smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.
Speaking of good times, that reminds me of today’s special “Rule of the Road”. You’re gonna want to listen to this one as it’s all about good times. Why that was Carla’s favorite sitcom for a spell there, “Good Times”. She’d watch reruns on into the night, the TV casting a pale glow that was kinda comforting across the bed, and I’d wake up to live studio laughter and her snoring softly beside me, the serene look of slumber on her face and the years I’d wasted.
Gabriel and I both looked at eachother. He shrugged and reached for the stereo. I shooed his hand away. I wanted to listen to it. The voice continued.
But I digress...well now, on to today’s “Rule of the Road”. If at any point during your journey you stop off for a pitstop or a potty break and you enter a public restroom to do your business, take note of the writing on the stalls. You might notice some graffiti that reads, “For a Good Time, Call” and then a phone number listed after it. If you do notice this, then take the number down for later use. Whenever you are in dire need of a good time, then give that number a call.
Now before you go off with a bee in your bonnet and tell me how you ain’t gonna call no sketchy phone number taken off a lady’s or men’s room wall, let me just tell you that this will be worth it. You can trust me. When has old Bucky ever let ya down?
I know what you’re gonna say next though, you’re gonna say, “Buck, I don’t ever call no numbers on my phone. I’m deathly afraid of voices on the other line. If I can’t text and send little emojis and the like, then forget it. If I can’t use an app to order Thai food or a pizza, then I go hungry that night. I haven’t even made an appointment to a doctor since I’ve lived with my parents. What if since we can’t see each other’s faces we start talking at the same time and we talk over each other and then say, ‘oops sorry, no you go ahead’ and then we both say it again at the same time and then we both start trying to talk again and then get stuck in some sort of infinite loop?”
And to that I say, “fair enough.” Don’t use the phone. The consequences of not following this rule are a little less dire than previous rules you may have heard. If you don’t follow this rule then you will simply miss out on a good time. That’s it. But you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything, would ya?
Welp. That’s all I’ve got on this fine late afternoon. May the wind be always at your back, your picnic basket full of snacks, and your cheese ever be pepper jack. Ya’ll stay sane out there. Stay symbiotic. Stay lonely. I'm Buck Hensley and these are "The Rules of the Road".
The voice instantly stopped and the song returned playing. Gabriel had a dumbfounded look on his face.
"What the hell?" he said and tried to rewind the CD.
"Umm, was that part of the song? Maybe a different version?"
"No way," he said and kept rewinding and playing the song over. The little skit that we heard never returned.
“Weird,” I said.
“Beats the heck out of me.”
“Maybe the CD is haunted. That was pretty spooky, y’know? That voice telling us to listen.”
“Maybe it was like a hidden track or something. They used to put those on CD’s back in the day. And this CD was pretty cheap and has all these songs on it. Could’ve been like a pirated deal.”
We weren’t really scared by the broadcast or whatever it was, just more confused. It was only looking back that we saw the importance of what we had heard and how from there our path seemed to be led a certain way.. At the time it was just this weird little thing, a funny little mystery that was forgettable for the time being.
We crept along for a while without incident, the traffic slowly gaining momentum. The music on the CD played on as usual and we heard no extra voices. The songs played like they were supposed to. Everything was fine.
Of course, outside of Gainesville, it hit me. I had been trying to ignore it and power through until we stopped for the night, but I had the sudden urge to pee. All that slow traffic and iced tea and a bottle of water must’ve caught up with me. This was intense. Usually I could hold it pretty good, but I had to get Gabriel to stop at the first exit we saw.
It was this gas station kind of off by itself and it was all dingy and old and faded and didn’t look the cleanest. Gabriel parked and my lower stomach and bladder ached as soon as I stood up and got out of the car. I burst into the place and made a beeline towards the restroom, over in the corner past the ATM and the glass fridges down a hall with burnt out fluorescent lights.
They were singles that you could lock, one for men and one for women. The floor was sticky and paper towels piled out of a trash can and a strip of toilet paper floated in a pool of standing water. A condom dispensing machine was on the wall opposite the toilet.
It wasn’t the worst public restroom I’d ever used and I didn’t have many options; I was literally about to piss myself. I would have to do the hover move over the toilet seat. No seat covers in a joint like this and I didn’t have time to prep it with toilet paper anything.
So I was doing my business, my thighs burning from the squat, and kind of laughing to myself at the condom dispenser machine with its brands like the “FRENCH TICKLER” and that’s when I saw it, the graffiti written in Sharpie, right there on the vending machine. It said, “For A Good Time, Call 9xx-XXX-XXXX [Redacted]”.
After I finished and had washed my hands, I snapped a pic of the graffiti. I figured Gabriel would get a kick out of it.
“You’re supposed to call it. That’s the rule,” Gabriel said when I showed him.
“I’m too nervous. You call. You heard it, too.”
“How many of those things do you even see? I’ve seen them all the time. I bet it’s just dudes pranking each other or fucking with their ex-girlfriends.”
“Well I found it in the ladies room, so hopefully it wasn’t dudes.”
“Okay, you enter it in your phone and I’ll dial. I’ll try to do a caller ID block or something. Let’s just see what happens.”
“Are you sure?”
“Eh come on. Maybe it’s fate.”
The Texas travel center appeared on the southbound side of the interstate and we were soon crossing the Red River on into Oklahoma as I transcribed the numbers from the picture to the keypad on my dialer.
A large casino came into view. It was ginormous with this sort of facade of all these famous buildings on its outside. I could see Big Ben and that Roman coliseum and all these other world architecture things. The casino just stretched on and on.
“Aw, not again,” Gabriel said.
I had just finished transposing the number into the phone. The crazy casino had distracted me. “What is it, babe?”
“Another jam.”
The traffic was veering into the right hand lane, but it was still moving at a decent clip, like 45 mph or something. After a mile of this, I could see a couple of highway patrol cars parked across the interstate, blocking both lanes of traffic. A state trooper stood out in the middle, waving a flashlight thing and directing traffic to take the exit. There was still about an hour of daylight left and you couldn’t even see the light. He was just using it as a baton. Somewhere off in the distance there was a thick wall of smoke filling the evening sky with this surreal haze.
“Wonder what’s going on?” I asked.
“Who knows? Grassfire, maybe.”
We followed the other cars and trucks down the exit ramp. Some turned right, some turned left.
“Right or left? Right or left?” Gabriel asked.
There seemed to be more cars turning left. Maybe they knew something we didn’t. But then, we would be stuck behind them and it was getting dark and we were already behind schedule. I wanted to get the hell out of the car.
“Um, right! Right,” I said, trying to pull up the GPS on my phone. It was lagging and my service had kicked over to 3G. “Freaking Verizon,” I muttered.
We drove down a highway past empty fields fenced off by barbed wire. There were houses and barns and oilfield pump jacks every so often, but not much else. No gas stations or a sign of a town or much else, really. After driving into all this nothingness for a while, my phone completely lost all signal. The cars around us thinned out and there was only a black SUV in front of us.
“Hey babe, I have no service and can’t pull up the GPS. Wanna turn back around?”
“Nah, let’s just keep going. We’ve come this far, yeah? We’ll hit a main road eventually, get some service.”
I sighed in response as he kept driving, let him know I didn’t approve.
“We’ll turn north soon, ok? All roads lead to Turner Falls.”
I checked my phone every fifteen seconds, looking for a signal.
“C’mon Gabe, we’re gonna get lost out here. Let’s just go back, follow the other cars or see if they’ve opened up the interstate again.”
“Look, this looks like a good road. We’ll cut north here and drive aways and then cut back west towards the interstate. It’s literally impossible to get lost out here. Just trying not to lose any more time.”
But it wasn’t so simple and the nervous feeling in my stomach was validated when the road we drove north on turned to gravel. The sun was long gone and our headlights cut a tunnel through the night as barbed wire whizzed by, separating us from pastures that were elevated above the road on grassy rises. I started to fear the worst, thinking of every horror movie I’d ever seen that had started out this way: the headstrong man refusing to admit that he was lost and didn’t know where he was going and the increasingly pissed off and worried girl that was with him.
Babe, please just turn around,” I pleaded.
“Ok, ok. Still no signal, eh?”
I looked down at my phone. Finally, there was one bar of service. “Yes! Hang on.”
“Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” Gabriel said, his voice growing louder.
My stomach dropped as what appeared in the rear view mirror was just as scary as any sort of Freddy or Jason or Leatherface from the big screen.
Part 2
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Big list of venues, shows, events and other happenings still on or not

This will continue to be updated as long as there are updates to provide.


Gov. Doug Ducey announces statewide closure of schools over coronavirus
Please check with your individual district/school for further information on re-openings.




List of events/concerts/happenings/attractions that are Postponed - unless otherwise noted as of 03/17/2020 (please always check event website for ticket information).
All shows through the end of March are currently postponed.
Gila River Arena
  • Rage Against The Machine
  • Celine Dion
  • Pearl Jam
  • Jojo Siwa - Rescheduled
  • Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out Tour
  • Jim Kieffer Community Cook-Off- Canceled
  • PBR (Professional Bull Riders) - Canceled
Talking Stick Resort Arena (TSR)
Marquee Theatre
Crescent Ballroom and Valley Bar closed until further notice. Keep checking their social media for further updates. COCINA 10 will be open limited hours for take-out orders.
The Van Buren - All shows scheduled to take place through the end of March have already been canceled, rescheduled or postponed. See website for further details. Further shows are still be canceled, rescheduled or postponed by the artists.
Chandler Center for the Arts
  • All events at Chandler Center for the Arts have been postponed or rescheduled through April 30th.
Mesa Arts Center
Out of an abundance of caution, and to support other preventive measures underway, beginning Monday, March 16, and continuing through Sunday, March 29, the City of Mesa is closing the theaters at Mesa Arts Center
Arizona Federal Theatre
  • LFA 84
  • Prince Royce - Canceled
  • Iliza Shlesinger
  • John Crist - Canceled
  • Dancing with the Stars: Live!
  • Thom York
  • Premier Boxing Champions - Canceled
  • In this Moment & Black Veil Brides

Festivals are all postponed unless otherwise noted.

Attractions that are suspending or restricting operations
List of events/happenings/attractions that are still taking place or to remain open as of 03/17/2020. Always check event website before leaving to ensure most current information.
Venue Links, Statements and Contact Information

Misc. Government and Utility Updates

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MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX/MPXEF) - Geographic Footprint and Addressable Markets

MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX/MPXEF) - Geographic Footprint and Addressable Markets
I wanted to get a better understanding of MPX Bioceutical's U.S. footprint and addressable markets
MPX hasn't updated their investor presentation since November 06, 2017 (Slide 8 for MPX Operations) so I used press releases, old interviews/investor calls, and cursory Google searches.
I suck at formatting so apologies in advance.
*MPX Dispensary Distribution: *MPX-Owned Dispensaries: *Health for Life Locations *The Holistic Center *Melting Point Extracts - Arizona Locations
Current Market Share in Arizona (March 28, 2018) - 24:12 ~7-8%
MPX Concentrates Dispensary Distribution
  1. Health for Life (Crismon) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 9949 E Apache Trail, Mesa, AZ 85207 (Opened April 6, 2018)
  2. Health for Life (East) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 7343 S 89th Pl, Mesa, AZ 85212
  3. Health for Life (North) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 5550 E McDowell Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215
  4. The Holistic Center AZ - Phoeniz, AZ (MPX-Owned) 21035 N Cave Creek Rd C-5, Phoenix, AZ 85024
  5. Catalina Hills Care - Tucson, AZ 12152 N Rancho Vistoso Blvd, Oro Valley, AZ 85755
  6. Green Hills Patient Center - Show Low, AZ 3191 S White Mountain Rd, Show Low, AZ 85901
  7. High Desert Healing - Lake Havasu, AZ 1691 Industrial Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
  8. Kompo - Taylor, AZ 600 Centennial Blvd, Snowflake, AZ 85937
  9. Leaf Life - Casa Grande, AZ 1860 N Salk Dr B1, Casa Grande, AZ 85122
  10. Metro Meds - Phoenix, AZ 10040 N Metro Pkwy W, Phoenix, AZ 85051
  11. OASIS - Chandler, AZ 26427 S Arizona Ave #8223, Chandler, AZ 85248
  12. The Good Dispensary - Mesa, AZ 1842 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202
  13. The Mint Dispensary - Tempe, AZ 5210 S Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283
  14. The Prime Leaf - Tucson, AZ 4220 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712
  15. Uncle Herbs Dispensary - Payson, AZ 200 N Tonto St, Payson, AZ 85541
  16. Urban Greenhouse - Phoenix, AZ 2630 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017
  17. Yavapai Herbal Services - Cottonwood, AZ 675 E State Route 89A Cottonwood, AZ 86326
  18. Botanica - Tucson, AZ 6205 N Travel Center Drive Tucson, AZ 85741
Relocated Production Facility: North Mesa, AZ
Annual Capacity
*Phase One - 150,000 grams of MPX-branded products (Currently in Operation) *Phase Two - 400,000+ grams (Scheduled for completion in calendar Q3 2018) *Phase Three - 800,000+ grams (Schedule for completion in calendar Q4 2018)
New production facility will increase production capacity 2-4x: 11:31 , 25:11
March 05, 2018 - MPX Signs Definitive Agreement to Expand Its Footprint in Arizona -
  • “This acquisition represents a solid addition to our industry and presence in Arizona, a State that offers MPX one of the best-regulated, yet industry-supportive markets in the country,” said W. Scott Boyes, MPX’s Chairman, President and CEO. “The entities being acquired have recorded trailing 12-month revenues of US$15 million and EBITDA of approximately US$3.5 million and its results will be immediately accretive to MPX earnings. Furthermore, the acquired companies are well-managed and will allow both parties to share best practises and benefit from the ability to share purchase economies. With the pending opening of our Apache Junction dispensary, the addition of the Holistic Center, will bring the number of dispensaries managed by MPX in the greater Phoenix market to four, will more than double our cultivation capacity and will materially complement our management team in the State. Adding to our critical mass of operations, this acquisition will add to MPX’s ability to benefit from purchasing economies, spread the administrative overhead costs over a larger revenue base and provide cash flows to support additional growth.”
April 03, 2018 - Mpx Enjoys Record Monthly Revenue of Cdn$5.2 Million in Arizona
  • Beth Stavola, COO and President of MPX’s U.S. operations, adds “With our fourth dispensary opening soon in the Apache Junction suburb and our expanded concentrate production facilities coming on-stream this month, we expect to see our Arizona revenues continue to expand over the next several fiscal quarters. The Arizona program is well-regulated by AZDHS, the patient count continues to grow, the supply and cost of flower and trim for re-sale and concentrate production is excellent and, while the Phoenix area market is increasingly competitive, retail prices and margins remain attractive. This is a great state for MPX to conduct business in.”
April 09, 2018 - MPX Adds a Fourth Dispensary in Phoenix and Triples Capacity for MPX Concentrate Production in Arizona
TORONTO, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MPX Bioceutical Corporation (“MPX” or the “Company”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) is pleased to announce that the official opening of the its newest “Health for Life” medical marijuana dispensary in the Metropolitan Phoenix area, located at the junction of E. Main and Crimson in the suburb of Apache Junction. This brings the number of dispensaries under MPX management in Arizona’s Sun Valley to four. The Crimson dispensary will meet the needs of patients in this comparatively underserviced southeast quadrant of the region by making available the full spectrum of MPX concentrates, an extensive variety of cannabis flower, and a broad selection of 3rd party, processed cannabis-infused edibles.
The Company also announces that it has relocated the processing and production of MPX concentrates to a new location in North Mesa. Phase one of the build-out at this facility, now in operation, will immediately double the current production capacity of MPX-branded products in Arizona to approximately 150,000 grams annually. The second phase scheduled for completion early in calendar Q3 will increase potential production to over 400,000 grams per year and the final phase expected in calendar Q4 will result in annualized capacity increasing to a total in excess of 800,000 grams annually with a wholesale value (at current prices) of approximately US$18 million.
Arizona Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 152,979 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 162,528 (March 2018) , Reports
Arizona is the 14th most populous state - 7,016,270 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017)
Phoenix is the fifth most populated city
Population: 1,615,017 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (Nevada): *MPX Dispensary Distribution (Las Vegas, Nevada): *(Greenmart of Nevada - Where To Find Us) *[(Acquired October 13, 2017](
  • January 31, 2018 - 4:27 - 30,000 sq. ft. cultivation and laboratory for MPX concentrates
  • March 28, 2018 - 11:46
In Nevada, our production capacity has been limited by the availability of raw material, of biomass. And most of our product produced there has been sold 2-3 weeks in advance.
MPX Dispensary Distribution *Melting Point Extracts - Nevada Locations *(Greenmart of Nevada - Where To Find Us)
  1. Acres Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 2320 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  2. Black Jack Collective Delivery - Las Vegas, NV 1860 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  3. Blum - Reno, NV 1085 S. Virginia St. Suite A Reno, NV 89502
  4. Blum Western - Las Vegas, NV 1921 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  5. Blum Decatur - Las Vegas, NV 3650 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  6. Blum Desert Inn - Las Vegas, NV 1130 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  7. Canopi (Southwest) - Las Vegas, NV 6540 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89139
  8. Cannacopia - Las Vegas, NV 6332 S Rainbow Blvd #105, Las Vegas, NV 89118
  9. Deep Roots Harvest - Mesquite, NV 195 Willis Carrier Canyon, Mesquite, NV 89034
  10. Essence (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 4300 E. Sunset Road Suite A3 Henderson, NV 89014
  11. Essence (Las Vegas Strip) - Las Vegas, NV 2307 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  12. Essence (West) - Las Vegas, NV 5765 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  13. Euphoria Wellness, Las Vegas, NV 7780 S Jones Blvd, Ste 105 Las Vegas, NV 89139-6489
  14. Inyo Fine Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 2520 S Maryland Pkwy #2, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  15. Jardin - Las Vegas, NV 2900 E Desert Inn Rd #102, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  16. Jenny's Dispensary (North Las Vegas) - North Las Vegas, NV 5530 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89130
  17. Jenny's Dispensary (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 10420 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052
  18. Las Vegas Releaf - Las Vegas, NV 2244 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89104
  19. Nevada Wellness Center - Las Vegas, NV 3200 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  20. NuLeaf (Lake Tahoe) - Lake Tahoe, NV 877 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451
  21. NuLeaf (Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 430 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169
  22. Oasis Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 1800 Industrial Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  23. Reef Western - Las Vegas, NV 3400 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  24. Rise Dispensary - Carson City, NV 135 E Clearview Dr #119, Carson City, NV 89701
  25. Sierra Wellness Connection (Reno) - Reno, NV 1605 E 2nd St #103, Reno, NV 89502
  26. Sierra Wellness Connection (Carson City) - Carson City, NV 2765 US Highway 50E Carson City, NV 89701
  27. Silver Sage Wellness - Las Vegas, NV 4626 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102
  28. The Apothecarium - Las Vegas, NV 7885 W. Sahara Ave #112 Las Vegas, NV 89117
  29. The Apothecary Shoppe - Las Vegas, NV 4240 W. Flamingo Rd. No. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89103
  30. The Dispensary (Decatur) - Las Vegas, NV 5347 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118
  31. The Dispensary (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 50 N Gibson Rd #170, Henderson, NV 89014
  32. The Dispensary (Reno) - Reno, NV 100 W. Plumb Lane Reno, NV 89509
  33. The Grove - Las Vegas, NV 4647 Swenson Street Las Vegas, NV 89119
  34. The Source (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 9480 S Eastern Ave #185, Las Vegas, NV 89123
  35. The Source (Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 2550 S Rainbow Blvd #8, Las Vegas, NV 89146
  36. Thrive (Downtown) - Las Vegas, NV 1112 S Commerce St, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  37. Thrive (North Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 2755 W Cheyenne Ave #103, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
  38. Top Notch THC - Las Vegas, NV 5630 Stephanie St, Las Vegas, NV 89122
  39. Zen Leaf - Las Vegas, NV 9120 W Post Rd #103, Las Vegas, NV 89148
Population: 2,998,039 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017
U.S. Census Bureau
Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 23,489 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 21,759 (February 2018) , Reports
Nevada is the 34th most populous state - 2,998,039 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017)
Las Vegas is the 28th-most populated city
Population: 632.912 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
Las Vegas Tourism
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority - Las Vegas Visitor Statistics *- Year End Summary for 2017: 42,214,200 *- Year-to-Date Summary 2018 (As of Apr 20, 2018) - 10,274,100
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (Massachusetts):
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (New England):
  • Dispensaries 2 of 3 dispensaries disclosed: Fall River, Attleborough
  • Production Facility: Fall River, MA (40,000 - 50,000 sq. ft. cultivation and production facility)
  • Dispensaries: 3 (Approved for building, 1 in Fall River, 1 in Attleborough, 1 still being targeted)
  • 3rd dispensary targets:
  • October 14, 2017 - 34:08 - Near Wynn Casino, 34:50 - Third dispensary target: "Near Revere, not right in the city itself"
  • January 31, 2018 - 6:13 - "Right now we are searching for third location. We've got a number of really good prospects there."
  • March 28, 2018 - 16:29 - "I think we're pretty close on number three. It is a great location and I'm gonna refrain from mentioning the town but it's a great population."
MPX-owned Dispensaries
  1. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.,- Fall River 160 Hartwell St, Fall River, MA 02721 (Under construction) April 11, 2018 -
  2. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.,- Attoboro 220 Oneil Blvd, Attleboro, MA 02703 (Under construction)
The company, which is building a facility to grow and process marijuana for medicine, sold 51 percent of its real estate and management companies to The Canadian Bioceutical Corp., for $5.1 million. The agreement was announced Tuesday.
The company is in the process of building a 50,000-square-foot facility on Innovation Way, next door to Amazon and Mass Biologics, the medical research and testing facility run by the University of Massachusetts.
  • TORONTO, Ontario, June 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation (the “Company” or “BCC”) (CSE:BCC) (OTC:CBICF) today announced that further to its press release of April 4, 2017, the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary CGX Life Sciences, Inc. (CGX), has completed the acquisition of a 51% interest in IMT, LLC and Fall River Developments, LLC (“FRD”), Massachusetts registered companies active in the cannabis space.
The marijuana industry has become a popular spot for Fall River.
According to MPX Bioceutical Corp, construction of a 40,000 square foot marijuana cultivation/processing facility on Innovation Way in Fall River, Massachusetts is targeted to be complete in the summer of this year with cultivation beginning in the third quarter of 2018. Cannatech Medicinals, who is owned by MPX Bioceutical Corp, has been working on the facility next to Amazon.
They have also commenced construction on the first of three dispensaries in Massachusetts, including one at 160 Hartwell Street in Fall River near the Applebee’s restaurant. The Hartwell Street location will get their supply from the Innovation Way facility.
CannaTech Medicinals; Hope, Heal, Health; and Northeast Alternatives will all be in the running for licenses to grow and sell marijuana for the recreational market. Recreational sales are scheduled to start July 1.
CannaTech Medicinals is building a 50,000-square-foot growing facility and processing laboratory in the biopark on Innovation Way. It is also building a dispensary off Hartwell Street.
Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 45,505 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 48,265 - (March 31 2018) - Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program snapshot
Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program snapshot
  • Under "RMD information", the current status of all registered marijuana dispensaries and applicants through April 27 2018 - Entries #35-37 - Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.:
*- Only two of three have "Proposed Dispensary Locations" (Fall River, Attleboro)
*- No siting profile has been submitted for the third dispensary yet, invited to submit on December 12, 2017 (same date as Attleboro)
Massachusetts is the 15th most populous state
Boston is the 22nd most populated city in the U.S. and most populated in New England
Population: 673,184 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau ,
Not to mention the populations from surrounding states and tourism.
*- Managing dispensaries under Health for Life brand
*- MPX-Owned Dispensary Distribution (Maryland):
*- Melting Point Extracts - Maryland Locations (None available yet)
From the press releases below, I gather:
  • 1 production facility in Gaithersburg/Montgomery Country (through Rosebud Organics/Budding Rose, Inc.) (January 8, 2018) - No square footage provided. However,
  • January 08, 2018 - The facility is completely built-out and when fully operational will be capable of producing 825,000 grams of MPX-branded cannabis concentrates per annum.
*- Possibly at: 4909 Fairmont Ave Bethesda, MD 20814
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": GreenMart of Maryland (District 6: Baltimore County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": LMS Wellness BLLC (District 8: Baltimore County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": Budding Rose, LLC (District 16: Montgomery County)
*- Under "Licensed Processors (as of April 10, 2018): Rosebud Organics LLC (Montgomery County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Processors": Rosebud Organics, LLC (Montgomery County)
I'm guessing that they will be selling MPX concentrates through these dispensaries as they have done in Arizona and Nevada once their production facility is operational. I'll wait for the press release and theMelting Point Extracts site to update before factoring that into their footprint.
  • MPX Bioceutical Corporation (the “Company” or “MPX”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) today announced that the Company, through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, S8 Management, LLC (“S8 Management”), is entering into a management agreement (the “Management Agreement”) with LMS Wellness, Benefit LLC (“LMS”) which will result in MPX building and managing a full service medical cannabis dispensary in the White Marsh suburb of Baltimore, Maryland.
Photo caption: A medical marijuana company has signed a lease for the space at 4909 Fairmont Ave., next to the mural.
A medical marijuana dispensary is coming to a long-dormant space on Fairmont Avenue in downtown Bethesda.
Rich Greenberg, of Greenhill Capital, which owns the building, said Budding Rose LLC signed the lease for the roughly 1,900-square-foot space about six months ago. He said work is ongoing to fit out the interior to meet the dispensary’s needs, and he wasn’t sure when the shop would be ready to open.
The management agreements with Budding Rose and Rosebud will result in MPX subsidiaries now operating three medical cannabis enterprises in the State of Maryland. The first management agreement with LMS Wellness, Benefit LLC was announced on December 12, 2017. Rosebud is one of only 14 licenses issued to process cannabis derivatives in the State of Maryland. The facility is completely built-out and when fully operational will be capable of producing 825,000 grams of MPX-branded cannabis concentrates per annum.
Budding Rose will operate a dispensary in a high-traffic area of downtown Bethesda, Maryland, in close proximity to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center and National Institutes of Health. Bethesda, Maryland is located within the Capital Beltway and is one of the wealthiest communities in the Capital Region. The dispensary is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in late February of this year.
GreenMart will operate a dispensary, under the “Health for Life” brand, in a high-traffic area of Baltimore, Maryland, situated off of North Point Road in the community of Colgate. The location is conveniently located near Interstate Routes 695, 95 and US Route 40 and a 15-minute drive from Baltimore’s Inner Harbour, Canton Waterfront, Federal Hill, and Fells Point. Within 2 miles of the location sits Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, a teaching hospital within the world renowned John Hopkins Health System. GreenMart has been welcomed and supported by the community leaders of Colgate. The dispensary is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in April 2018 of this year.
Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 18,000+ (Current through 12/15/17)
*- 17,000+ (March 20, 2018)
  • More than 17,000 consumers in Maryland have registered for medical marijuana.
Maryland is the 19th most populated state - 6,052,177 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017) , U.S. Census Bureau
Baltimore is the 30th most populated city
Population: 614,664 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
Training/staffing/spreading themselves too thin:
*- March 28, 2018 - 25:56
Future Targets *- January 31, 2018 - 10:03 *- November 2017 Presentation: Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio
California *- March 28, 2018 - March MPX Bioceutical Q3 Investor Call: March 8, 2018 California 15:53, 33:45
Ohio *- March 28, 2018 - 14:32 - Five applications in Ohio.
New Jersey
*- January 25, 2018 - Beth Stavola, MPX COO is invited by NJ Governor Murphy as a Marijuana Industry Leader during the signing of an executive order which would ease access to medical marijuana in the State.
*- 1:14 - "Beth, this one is for you. You represent not just you but the whole industry"
*- January 31, 2018 - [Beth Stavola MPX Bioceuticals Interview with New Cannabis Ventures - 10:14](]
*- March 28, 2018 - 14:54
Keep in mind they're in only four states right now and currently operating in two. There are other U.S operators with multi-state footprints (IAN, CRZ, LHS, MRMD, etc.).
A few private players:
*1) Acreage Holdings - 11 States,
*2) Columbia Care - 9 States + D.C and Puerto Rico,
*3) Green Thumb Industries (GTI) - 5 States,
*4) Cresco Labs - 4 States.
Also, there are the other companies with agreements/operations in both the U.S. and Canada (CRZ, SNN).
Once their RTO (April 30, 2018) is completed, MedMen will have the highest addressable market of the publicly traded U.S. operators (CA - 39.5 million, NY - 19.8 million, NV - 2.9 million, Canada - 35 million through their JV with Cronos). Not too mention the number of visitors each of those markets get annually.
That being said, of the current public companies, I think they give good multi-state exposure in the U.S. in markets with high population density]( This doesn't even factoring their Canadian exposure once they get operating. We'll see where they stand in the U.S. market if they're able to execute on the Massachusetts, Maryland, and Canadian operations. Also, remember they're pushing the MPX concentrates brand and are set to get exposure on both coasts.
I can't speak on their capital structure or financials. Some other users can discuss that.
Arizona - Operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution:
*- MPX-Owned Dispensaries:
Nevada - Operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Nevada):
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Las Vegas, Nevada):
Massachusetts - Building/Not currently operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Massachusetts):
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (New England):
Maryland - Building/Not currently operating
*- MPX-Owned Dispensary Distribution (Maryland):
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On This Date In California Weather History (July 19)

2015: Moisture from Hurricane Dolores, along with monsoon moisture resulted in showers and thunderstorms over most of Southern California on 7/18 and this day. Rainfall ranged from 0.5" to 4", including a record 1.7" at San Diego on 7/18. This was unprecedented July rainfall: record single-day and July monthly total. These two days recorded two of the three wettest July days on the San Diego record. The San Diego River at Fashion Valley had two crests above monitor stage, 7.7 feet on 7/18 a nd 8.8 feet on this day. A debris flow hit the burn scar of Silverado Canyon on this day as well as flash floods in Moreno Valley, Perris, and La Mesa. Aided by lingering tropical moisture from former hurricane Dolores, intense thunderstorms with torrential rain developed near Desert Center. Over 6” of rain fell over several hours along and just to the south of Interstate 10, just to the west of Desert Center. Eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 collapsed where they crossed a heavily flowing wash. A vehicle drove into the hole in the collapsed bridge, trapping the driver and requiring rescue. I-10 was closed in both directions causing huge traffic backups. Two landspout tornadoes were observed in open desert just north of Landers on this day.
2013: On the evening of July 19th, a thunderstorm developed near Nellis Air Force Base along an outflow boundary and moved south across the Las Vegas Valley. This storm was one of the most intense ever to cross the valley with respect to wind. Nellis Air Force Base measured sustained winds of 59 mph with a gust to 71 mph. Sustained tropical storm force winds were recorded across the heart of the Las Vegas Valley with this storm. Damages were greatest in the areas in and around Nellis Air Force Base and in Chinatown. One apartment building was evacuated after a gas line broke. At least 12 buildings throughout Las Vegas had wind damage. Power was knocked out to casinos on Fremont Street and parts of The Strip. In addition, heavy rains caused up to two feet of water to flow across parts of The Strip. Water damage also occurred at 3 strip casinos from the rain, including a portion of the casino floor at Caesars Palace. Some 33,000 NV Energy customers lost power from this storm. A total of 243 trees were downed at the Desert Pines Golf Course. Damages were estimated at 2.5 million from this storm, with most of the damage from wind.

2009: Severe thunderstorm winds struck La Quinta foothills with gusts measuring 61 mph.

2005: The low temperature on this date was 95° F which set the warmest low ever recorded in Las Vegas.
The high temperature of 117° F on this date tied the hottest temperature ever recorded in Las Vegas.
The average temperature for the date was 106° F, which was the hottest day ever recorded in Las Vegas. The morning low was 95° F and the afternoon high was 117° F.

2003: Flash flooding was observed in and around the town of Pahrump, NV (near Death Valley). Water was running over SR 160 from SR 372 to Dandelion. In the town of Pahrump, roads looked like rivers with a dumpster floating in the road blocking traffic. Mud was going through the Post Office and a trailer park. Basin Ave. and State Route 160 were under one foot of water. Flooding extended half mile on Basin Ave. toward the west. A gas station, the city park, and a shopping center parking lot were completely flooded.

1987: A rare cold air mass for mid-summer descended on the region starting on 7.18 and ending on 7.21 and broke numerous low temperature records.

1985: Strong thunderstorms produced very heavy rainfall in the mountains and the adjacent desert. A mudslide at the top of the Palm Springs Tram trapped 150, all but 31 were rescued by helicopter. The 31 spent the night because the helicopter was grounded due to unsafe winds. The 15 minute slide was a debris flow carrying huge rocks and timbers. A thunderstorm plunged a light aircraft to the ground at Mormon Rocks, killing a family of 3. Flooding was reported “all over” in the Morongo Basin. A tornado in Needles hit a mobile home park and injured 6. It leveled 4 mobile homes and damaged 14 others. 1.50" of rain fell in Palomar Mountain, the greatest daily amount on record for July. 2.36" fell in Cuyamaca, flooding Paso Picacho Campground.
1974: A severe thunderstorm with winds up to 80 mph and heavy rain swept through Lake Havasu City, AZ, and completely washed out section 4-5 feet deep in some streets. Many cars were abandoned during the storm and a number washed away. 3 people were killed and 1 person was injured when their vehicle was carried down a wash by a wall of water estimated to be 10 feet tall.
1970: Mount Hamilton (East Bay) had a high temperature of 92° F.
1960: The overnight low in Death Valley was 102° F.
1960: Thunderstorm winds in the Tehachapis downed utility lines and damaged farm buildings.
1955: Heavy thunderstorms struck desert areas of Twentynine Palms and Barstow. One cloudburst hit Cherry Valley with 3" of rain in 30 minutes. A 75 foot stream of water crossed Highway 66 at Hodge, southwest of Barstow. Washouts were also reported around Twentynine Palms.
1954: A northward moving hurricane made landfall in central Baja California with the remnants moving into Arizona. Rainfall of up to 2" occurred in the mountains and deserts starting on 7.17 and ending on this day. This occurred during the El Niño of 1953-54.
1931: Carson City, NV, had a high temperature of 107° F, while Reno, NV, recorded a high of 105° F.
Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego
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When your man doesn't ride (first 2,200 mile solo trip)

Hey moto fam! Big thanks to everyone who commented and recommended routes and stops through the Southwest. Planned this trip over 1 month, and definitely used your advice out there. So, thank you. Especially IllIII!! Right off the bat, I’d like to provide you with a quick TL;DR link to some trip flicks.
I covered 2,200 miles over 7 days of riding around Arizona, California, and Nevada. It was a great way to start the new year. This map is neither complete nor 100% correct, but it's the best Google would let me produce. Gives an idea of the ground covered. Odometer view by the end of it all. And yes, the title is a little misleading as most of my girls ride, but I really wanted this to be a solo adventure without a dude on the back of my bike.
Day 1: 200+ miles. Phoenix (Tempe to Glendale) to Tucson (Mt. Lemmon). Rented a Dyna via EagleRider and set out to ride around Phoenix before heading to Tucson on the 10. Loved the bike from the get go, as it was absurdly comfortable on the highway. Got to Tucson and headed up Mt. Lemmon (so cold by the top!) before sunset. Felt like every minute further was a degree colder. Checked into a B&B I’ll recommend to you all: Jeremiah Inn. Don’t worry, I switch to Motel 6 & 8 by Day 3, guys.
Day 2: 150+ miles. Tucson (Mini Time Machine, San Xavier Mission, Saguaro NP) to Globe. Set out to the museum (I’m @dailymini, so it was fitting) then right to San Xavier for a walkthrough inside (avoided the tour) and right on up to Saguaro NP (Kinney and Bopp so I could send some love to combichristo’s fam). Beautiful park, not a lot of cars on the road. Headed up 77 North to 60 and settled in Globe for the night. Highly recommend this B&B converted from a schoolhouse. My room was massive. Headed out for dinner and when I tried to navigate back to my hotel, kept finding myself on top of hills and on dead ends. Recent construction made the routing hard, and had one close call on the edge of a little cliff and on to a 5MPH rock (huge rocks) road into someone’s backyard junkyard. Sorry about my 5 minute U turn on your property, sir.
Day 3: 300+ miles. Globe to Payson to Sedona to Jerome to Prescott to Wickenburg. Woke up to a delicious breakfast and took 60 to 188 N passed Tonto NP and Roosevelt Lake. Pretty sure a Mexican Wolf ran in front of my bike, but maybe it was an enormous coyote… Continued from 188 to 87 to 260. The ride through 3 NPs (Tonto, Coconino, Prescott) was breathtaking. And cold. So many different landscapes, I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Cacti to snow-laden forests, to rich green forests, to red rocks. It was absolutely unreal. 10/10 would ride again. Headed to 89A and arrived in Sedona. Super touristy, tons of traffic with all the roundabouts, so cruised down the bike (bicycle) lane and hopped no hippie cop would pull me over. Success. As soon as I saw signs for 89A, I was so excited to take it down. Absolutely phenomenal route. Can’t wait to do it on a sportier bike I can throw around a bit more. Jerome was also quite touristy, and super hilly. Be aware if you’re afraid of heights! Continued down 89A from Jerome to Prescott and saw one of the most amazing sites on a moto ride, the split mountain roads in Yarnell. Couldn’t fathom what I was seeing, and riding through! Can anyone share a photo so I can put it up at my desk to day dream?? 10/10 would ride again. Made it to Wickenburg for the night, cute town.
Day 4: 400+ miles. Wickenburg to Vegas (Lake Mead, Hoover Dam) to Death Valley. Woke up and thought, I have 2 options today, cruise around Arizona or just go full force into this trip and attempt Death Valley before the end of the day. So glad I chose the latter. Left Wickenburg to take 93 north up to Nevada (did I miss a sign for Nothing, AZ? Didn’t see any markers). Passed through Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, on to Vegas and continued on 160 to Pahrump. Filled up my tank (wishing I had a spare can with me) and went on Bell Vista Rd into Death Valley at around 2 PM. Little concerned about losing the sun and running out of gas, but I went in as far as mileage would allow and took a ride up to Dante’s View. My phone either froze or just had an iOs fail, because it wouldn’t turn on when I got there. In need of a selfie and furious at the timing, charged it up on the bike and had some fellow tourists snap a pic of me. Got back to a casino hotel for a smoker’s buffet (gross) and sent out some “Happy New Years!” to east coast buds before passing out before midnight.
Day 5: 350+ miles. Pahrump to Oatman to Lake Havasu City to Quartzsite. Headed to Oatman to see some donkeys and check out Route 66. Nice ride. Continued on 95S down to LHC and the ever-so-lovely Havasu Springs near the Colorado River. Knew I wanted to shop the gem show in Quartzsite for souvenirs (let me live), so I wound up there for the night.
Day 6: 400+ miles. Quartzsite to Joshua Tree to Carefree (Horseshoe Dam). Woke up and felt the weight of my trip coming to an end, so pushed for a long day. Mostly highway, took the 10 to JT NP for a quick loop. Roadrunner ran across my path, so awkward. Highways some more, took the 10 to 60 to 74 so I could check out Carefree and Cave Creek. Per recommendations, took it down to where pavement meets dirt, and wrapped up the night in Phoenix.
Day 7: 300+ miles. Phoenix (Usery Mountain Regional Park, Tortilla Flats) to Gila Bend to Phoenix. The trip coming to an end, headed to Usery Pass/N Bush/Ellsworth to see if I could find any of the Salt River wild horses. Coyote or fox ran across my path, just a little guy. Then, it was time for Tortilla Flats. So beautiful. So glad I did this ride. Yes, the road was shitty and it felt like a broken carnival ride, but so worth the pay out at the end (THAT VIEW!!!) The ride back was a little quicker, knowing what the lil twisties were all about. Stopped at a swap meet to see some friends and then it was on to Gila Bend for the last of it. Rode 10 down to 85 for a scoot through farmland with enough straightaways to take my first few moto selfies. Bird flew into my helmet, not sure if he made it. Looped back the same way and ended up in Glendale for the night.
Day 8: 50+ miles. Phoenix. Saddest day ever. Looked for some miniatures and took her back to EagleRider. So much of the trip was themed “no one in front of me, no one behind me” because I really did have the roads and views to myself. Highly recommend Arizona as a moto getaway and looking forward to coming back soon.
THAT'S A WRAP! Thanks again for making it here, and yes, the same TL;DR for you fine wheeled fam.
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Citizens of the Meritocracy! A census is too be held! Details inside.

To Meritocracy citizens:

A census is to be held in ten days time and the census shall be open for three days following. Due to the ridiculous logistics of trying to get a census sheet to everyone, we will be setting up stations within our borders. They shall be in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Pheonix, San Diego, Yuma, and Lake Havasu City. Feel free to travel to the closest census point. If you have people who can't travel and a large group of people you can send one person or a small group to pick up the census sheets you require. The sheets will be available for the three days, but you will have an extra seven days to return them. It is imperative that you return the sheets to the location you got them from. Thank you for your cooperation.

To the rest of the world:

Our project to revitalize Las Vegas is going quite smoothly and we should have the Strip up and running in under a fortnight. We shall then set our sights on Los Angeles and work on reclaiming that city from the dead and making it a livable haven for the living. Things are running smoothly and Vegas has reclaimed its rightful glory and has become a bustling hub of trade and tourism. We have reopened several of the hotels and most of the larger casinos, giving survivors a place to go to get their minds off the madness for a little while.

To Irving and the ROC:

Given the appearance of this recent menace from Asia, we would be more than happy to let you garrison troops in our cities. We own the coast from Los Angeles to Tijuana including several major ports. We have streamlined our military and, while they are able to protect us from most domestic threats, I fear that we would be unable to repel and invasion without suffering heavy losses. We could also use help clearing out those cities, and I have no doubt that our combined forces could make quick work of it. We've also got stockpiles of raw materials ready to be shipped to the coasts to fortify. The only thing we lack is man power.
On another note, we inherited several large warships and many smaller ones.
Our fleet includes:
Class Quantity
Cruisers 3
Destroyers 7
Frigates 2
Submarine 4
We'd like to offer you a cruiser, 3 destroyers, a frigate, and 2 subs as we no longer have the means to upkeep these ships. There are twice as many ships in disrepair if you want to scavenge for parts as well. However, we don't have the means to get them to you, so this is our proposal. You may station your ships and soldiers in our cities along the coast, and after the war is over you can take these ones home with you. They'll be put under your command as soon as you reach port. In return, we only ask that you let your men rest for a couple days in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. Enjoy the booze, gambling and women. Maybe give our economy a little push. What do you say? Sounds like a pretty good deal, no? Let me know when you decided.
Antonio Garcia, out.
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Arizona Destination

A few years back somebody told me about a place in Arizona that had a few hotels/casinos located on a lake/river. Mentioned it was somewhat of an older crowd. No it was not Havasu. Could jetski and stuff on this body of water....I think it started with an "L" I might be wrong....any ideas on where this might be? I forgot the name!
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Welcome to Bullhead City AZ. Unless you're homeless, then you could just fuck off!

Welcome to BullShit city. We recently moved here about 7 months ago from L.A. California. (My girlfriends mom bought a mobile home out here after she sold the house in California to be closer to her cousin). My girlfriend lives with her mom and our 2yr old son. I come and go between CA and bullhead city for months at a time to be with my son. Still in the process of finding a more permanent residence out here. But I'm not feeling it. Their is next to nothing out here. No form of entertainment other then shopping or casinos, or parks. You have a Kmart, Wal-Mart, various fast food chains, target, Ross, bath and body, one dollar tree, plenty of gas stations, water sport rentals, repair shops, motels, stuff like that but no actual malls. And the main stores I.e walmart, Kmart, target and ross (same complex), big lots are all spread pretty decently apart from each other. Laughlin Outlet center is an absolute joke. Most stores are gone and what's left is nothing of interest or highly priced stores where items can be found much cheaper elsewhere. Not to mention the 'food court' consist of only two food places, an arcade with games from the '80's and outdated posters from early 2000. Don't forget the car rides that don't even work. Some thrift stores such as goodwill and whatnot. But most aren't even worth your time. Most have nothing of value but try to overprice most items. Possibly due to not having much bussiness to begin with. Their is only ONE public laundry mat. Also expensive compared to California (has highest cost of living in all of united states), washers are super tiny $2.00, triple loaders $3.25 are no bigger then your average washer size at home, dry is $0.75 for 9 mins. Or a much smaller dryer that you can barely fit one load in that runs 40 mins but cost $1.25 and forget about adding more time by adding a quarter or two. I found out the hard way. It does not add time but instead requiring the entire $1.25 to be added yet again. All other laundry mats have been either shut down or no longer exist.
It is ILLEGAL to sleep in your vehicle or RV (except paid camp sites), anywhere in Mojave county (was informed by police officer (the hard way), that it's the only county in a 40 mile radius that has such a law. You can be arrested and have your car impounded if caught sleeping in it, ANYWHERE (even if out of the way miles from any bussiness or building, in the desert.) You will be arrested! I recieved a warning. After seven months of off and on parking overnight at the local 24hr walmart. (Never had a problem or was told to leave at all) Have seen signs saying no overnight RV parking. But during 'snow bird' season. That's all you see. Never seen anyone arrested. So I thought it was ok. Not only was I not bothering anyone. I was confronted by the rudest officer (first officer I had contact with) who in the end threatens to arrest me for no reason. When I was actually going into the store and wasn't gonna sleep overnight on the lot but elsewhere. It was only 12 am. Apparently parking away from everyone else (how's that illegal? It's a huge parking lot, I have every right to park where ever I please on a parking lot I'm gonna go into the bussiness on. Plus nothing wrong with exercise) And putting up my sunscreen even though it's dark made me look 'suspicious' I'm sorry officer for protecting my privacy (my front windows are not tinted nor were blocked), and keeping peering eyes from seeing what's inside my vehicle. It's a long story. But he basically said he did not want to see my face again, its the first time we ever crossed paths (I couldn't even see his thanks to the blinding light in my face, and never got his name even when I requested it) in his county again or I'll be arrested. I did nothing wrong, I did not break any law. And he did not catch me sleeping in my vehicle because I wasn't. They have lot's of druggies and criminals out here. Yet I'm the one they harass. Also you can sleep in your vehicle on your own property and still be arrested. How stupid is that? Also a month ago their was a couple screaming at each other for over two hours. Literally yelling at each other on that same walmart parking lot. For over 2 hrs around 1 am to 3 am prior to leaving. No cops ever showed up. I didn't call because I didn't want to bring attention to myself. But yet me not doing anything or disturbing the peace, am the one harassed by an officer? The night before a truck pulled up about 4-5 parking spaces away from me. Then proceeded to have what looked like a little romp inside. They didn't leave till 5 am. No officers ever came. I parked around the same spot I normally do. Was only there not even 10 mins after 12am. Before being approached then threatened. I was mostly worried about a random citizen with ill intent approaching me. Never thought it would be a man of the law that would threaten to arrest me for some retarded law I wasn't even aware of. Nor can you find it if you google it. But according to the watch commander I called and spoke with. Its in fact a real law. It's private property I understand. But even if you have an ok from the store manager themselves. You can still be arrested.
It is ILLEGAL to be homeless in Mojave county period. If your homeless and move here (I'm not, just homless here not in California), you are going to have a bad time. Forget the heat. The cop's are what you have to worry about. Doesn't matter if your a law abiding homeless person. You're breaking the law just by simply lacking a place to live. If you're homeless with a car they will take your 'home' from you. And trust me you won't get it back. Along with giving you a jail cell. Protect and serve my A$$. They spend more time harassing the homeless then they do arresting druggies or thieves. Which their are plenty of. Instead they have to make my visit with my son even more difficult then it already is.
You can carry a concealed weapon. I.e. guns, bowie knife, machete, large knives etc. But if you're homeless......
You can deal drugs, do drugs, publicly drink alcohol, steal, and assault someone, rant for two hours screaming at the top of your lungs at 1 am-3am in a walmart parking lot. But if you sleep in your vehicle and/or are homeless...
There are several incidences I came to find where officers have shot and killed unarmed homeless people. Cop's don't get in trouble really. Is this a city you'd want to visit? Put money into their casinos? That is ok with something like this?
Cost of living is next to nothing. Minimum wage is next to nothing $7.50 an hr. Most places do not provide benefit's. Nor full time, instead hiring more people part time to avoid giving benefits. Health care is next to nill. Our 2yr old son had an emergency (couldn't breath) which required an ambulance. And his California medi-cal would not cover the expenses or wasn't accepted to begin with. Leaving us with a $4,154 ambulance bill (only took him 4 miles away) and $2000 in doctor fees. Even though we proved our inability to pay. They still come after us.
A neighbor who works for the local casino in laughlin NV. Said he worked there for 13 yrs. And this is how it works. If you take $7.50 an hour you'll get benifits after 2 yrs of working. If you take $8.50 an hour you get no benifits. It's worthless moving here. Utilities cost double (hence why the laundry mat is so expensive) so pair that with low hourly wage. It's not that much different then living anywhere else.
Their is next to nothing out here. Very boring long term. Cops would rather harass and threaten innocent people then do their job.
It's ok to visit i guess. But if your bringing an RV it's best to go to a motel, paid camping site, or stay in laughlin. Because if your caught staying in it overnight in any 24hr parking lot. You're risking arrest and having the rv and any other vehicles impounded.
All this desert and land, yet very little around to do. Most places don't even come up on the map if you do a general search. Type 'Fun' for example. Most things related that come up are the casino's. Last I checked it's no fun when you're losing money. All laughlin has is the casino's and the sorry excuse for a mall outlet center. Not much else. Looking for a more residential like area. You either have to drive all the way to las Vegas 75 miles away, lake Havasu 60 miles away, or Kingman (not much different than here) 40 miles away.
Unless you don't mind heat or lack of entertainment. Their is no reason to even visit, let alone live here. Like another poster stated. Unless you have money to spend at the casino's, or have boats or off road stuff, their isnt much else to do. And most jobs are dead end jobs with next to nothing as payment for your work. I have a couple broken teeth and from what I can tell by seeing others. Dental care is next to nothing also. With no benifits and little left after taxes, getting your own healthcare would harm you more financially then help.
Honestly if it wasn't for my son and gf. I would leave never to return. This place is a joke. Founded in the 80's yet still has nothing to show for it. And their animosity towards homeless people (who have enough problems as it is) more so then drug dealers, addicts, or thieves. Makes it even less desirable. Granted rent is considerably cheaper then elsewhere. Same goes for gas. The utilities make up for it. Basically making it not all that much less then living in L.A.
Mobile homes also have very little durability and will not increase in value as time goes by. You'll pay more fixing or repairing them over time then they are worth. They aren't very well insulated either. Many of her mom's doors are poorly fitted. And at one time this home had been broken into quite a bit. The garage side door has been boarded shut. House side door has like four locks on it (deadbolt (doesn't latch frame is warped), knob (also doesnt latch), three straight bolts (one will not latch), and one on a chain. Can still see straight through the edges to outside. Some windows have been broken into. And a camera had been installed at one time. She had to replace the entire faucet and shower head unit in the main bathroom along with a full re-tile. Their are many leaks where their shouldn't be in door and Window frames. So it's really hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Wiring is poor too. She paid $80,000 for a three bedroom two bath. 2 car garage. Came fully furnished with an interior design you'd find in a motel from the '70's. Complete with three flower couches. Not worth it, even if fully furnished. a front and back yard devoid of grass. Nothing but gravel.
Can't tell if my GF's mom is losing it because of the heat or what. But since she's moved here, she's now highly addicted to Rocks (not the drug slang) actual rocks. She's now a bonified rock collector. Guess it's kind of due to being not much else to do around here.
Our next door neighbors prior to moving out were druggies. No cop interference. And the new ones that moved in (also from L.A.) only come every now and then and are not permanent residents. Mostly during weekends. They are generally nice. But tend to blast their music or t.v. or be loud in general really late into the night and early morning. Once again no cops showing up. But if I sleep in my truck out front of the get the idea.
As of this time their are no homeless shelters or day centers available. Even though their are more than a dozen buildings, that are either shutdown, or went out of bussiness, spread out all over the city. Plenty of unused land. And according to the local news website. More than 96 confirmed homeless families. And talk about possibly opening up a facility of some sort. Sometime next year. But in the mean time the local PD will continue to just arrest them. All that money the casino's make and no way of trying to open up some sort of charity to help? All the money renting out water and off road equipment to those from all over. Yet no suggestions.
They really do not care. Their only solution is to make an already hard life harder, and try and force the less fortunate out of the city. All that money spent funding a war that shouldn't be. Yet no help for the very country that claims to be the greatest and free.
Officer Crawford, the one that showed me no compassion. And we never met before. Was the same one in the news I read about assisting homeless. Playing it off as if he actually cares. When he threatened to arrest me on absolutely no hard evidence of me actually breaking a law. Just assumption.
Funny how red, white, and blue are a symbol of freedom.....until they are flashing behind you....
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Things to do around the state - Aug 28-30

Around the state
Mortimer Farms Sweet Corn Festival – Aug 29-30, 9-6. Sweet corn, hay rides, corn maze, entertainment, craft vendors, Farm Dance from 7-10. Dewey.
Central Navajo Fair & Rodeo – Aug 24-30. Health fair, charity run, rodeo, pageants, parade, pow wow, carnival, vendors. Chinle.
Sedona Bike & Brew Festival – Aug 28-29. A mountain bike race on a golf course. Awards ceremony, music, food, drink, swag. Come be a spectator if you don’t ride. Check website for racing information, admission info. Sedona.
Arizona Trail Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10K – North Rim – Aug 30, 9 am. 13 mile loop along forest service roads and the Arizona Trail with one mile running along the East Rim of the canyon. Check site for more details and registration information. Jacob Lake.
In the Phoenix area
Live and Local Fridays – Aug 28, 8 pm. Inspiración Flamenca will be performing at the season finale of the summer concert series. Happy hour at 6 pm. The Center’s Store offers 10% off purchases during Live & Local Fridays. Scottsdale.
Night Lights Tour at Taliesin West – Fridays through September @ 6:30, 7 and 7:15. Two hour tour with refreshments offered halfway through. Reservations required, not for children under 13. $35. Scottsdale.
Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Class – Aug 29-30. 9:30 am. Learn how to de-spine and process prickly pears. Class is included in daily admission fee. Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Superior.
In Circles – Aug 30. “The movie begins in Phoenix, Ariz., a few miles away from the reservation on the map, but in terms of community, it's much further. Isaac Paul Molina) moves back to "the Circles," a neighborhood in Gila River, and begins to learn that things are different than when he left them. With the guidance of his mother Cheryl (Jackson Harris), his uncle Rudy (Douglas Miles) and a family friend Henry (Myron Schurz), Isaac follows a path of discovery to express himself through painting and art.” Independent movie made by members of the Gila River Indian Community. $5. Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino, Gila River Reservation.
Full Moon Scenic Hike at Lake Pleasant – Aug 28, 7-9. 2 hours, 4 miles. $6 per vehicle park entry fee. Check site for hike details. Morristown.
Hell City Tattoo Festival – Aug 28-30. All things tattoo – artists, competitions, merchandise, art gallery, performances, educational seminars, even a kid zone. Check site for times and admission prices. Phoenix.
Plan Ahead
White Mountain Apache Tribal Fair and Rodeo – Sep 1-7. Rodeo, parade, royalty pageants, volleyball tournaments, baseball tourney. Whiteriver.
8th Annual Lake Havasu Tattoo Show – Sep 4-6. Live entertainment, full bar, food, tattoos and more. Check site for event times, admission prices. Lake Havasu.
3rd Annual Arizona Reggae Fest – Sep 4-6.
Born and Brewed – Sep 18-19. Bike pub tour, local beer, BBQ, live music, games. Check site for event times, prices. Tucson.
Big House Music Festival – Sep 5. Family event, food, music, games, beer garden. Tickets available online. Casa Grande.
Taylor Sweet Corn Festival – Sep 4-7. Parade, arts & crafts fair, rodeo, barrel racing, fireworks. Snowflake/Taylor.
10th Annual Woodland Wildlife Festival – Sep 5, 10 am. Interactive booths, displays with live wildlife, demonstrations, exhibits. Pinetop/Lakeside.
Brewery Gulch Daze – Sep 6. Dress in costume, attend a chili cook-off. Contests: Miz Biz, water-balloon, bed races, pet parade, kissing booth, live music and more. Bisbee.
69th Annual Navajo Nation Fair – Sep 6-13. Rodeo, parade, song & dance, pow wow, carnival, concert, fine arts show. Window Rock.
66th Annual Coconino County Fair – Sep 4-7. Fair food, carnival rides, live entertainment, livestock shows and more. Flagstaff.
Apache County Fair – Sep 9-12. Music, carnival, livestock show, Dutch oven cook off, barrel racing. St. Johns.
Mohave County Fair – Sep 17-20. Kingman
Gila County Fair – Sep 17-20. Globe.
Santa Cruz County Fair Sep 18-20. Sonoita.
Cochise County Fair – Sep 24-27. Douglas.
Greenlee County Fair – Sep 17-20. Duncan.
There is always so much going on at the state and regional parks - way more than I can type out each week. Take a look at the calendars and plan some fun stuff!
Maricopa County Parks – Check here for events at Maricopa County Regional Parks.
Arizona State Parks – Check here for events at Arizona State Parks.
Pima County Parks – Click on the Calendar link to the right for a listing of events.
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Lake havasu casino - Best Bet in our Сasino. Free Deposit - Because We are Leaders. French roulette - Exclusively only with Us! Best Casinos in Lake Havasu City, AZ - Four of us took the Ferry from Lake Havasu city over this casino. Went into the bar and had a drink. My friends husband ordered and paid for all the drinks. When the woman bartender brought him his credit card (10 minutes after he left it with her) she told him that she forgot to charge for my wine, he gave her a $5 tip. Set in Havasu Lake, Havasu Landing Resort and Casino provides air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. Boasting a 24-hour front desk, this property also welcomes guests with a restaurant, a casino and an outdoor pool. The accommodations offers room service and an ATM for guests. At the hotel, every room is fitted with a wardrobe. At Havasu Landing Resort and Casino all rooms include a desk, a ... Welcome to the newest and most contemporary Hotel and Casino on the shores of Lake Havasu! Our 48 room Hotel features your choice of Lake view or beautiful mountain view. We have 4 spacious suites, along with 3 fully ADA compliant Rooms complete with roll-in showers. Come and experience our 5-star guest service and Hospitality. Our rooms feature huge walk in tile showers with glass doors, King ... Das Havasu Landing Resort and Casino liegt in Havasu Lake und bietet klimatisierte Zimmer mit kostenfreiem WLAN. Diese Unterkunft bietet Ihnen eine 24-Stunden-Rezeption, ein Restaurant, ein Casino und einen Außenpool. Die Unterkunft bietet Zimmerservice und einen Bankautomaten. Jedes Zimmer im Hotel ist mit einem Kleiderschrank ausgestattet. Alle Zimmer im Havasu Landing Resort and Casino ... Havasu Landing Casino, Lake Havasu City: Address, Phone Number, Havasu Landing Casino Reviews: 3.5/5 Campgrounds - Lake Havasu City & Lower Colorado River Casino News - Laughlin Nv, Parker Az & Lower Colorado River Directions - Insiders Tips on Unique Places Events - Know Whats Happening Before You Leave Home Fuel Dock - Lake Havasu, Topock, Laughlin Nv, Parker Az & Lower Colorado River Hardware Job Listings - Covering Lake Havasu City, Laughlin, Bullhead City & Lower Colorado River Launch ... Your site for exploring beautiful Lake Havasu City - hiking, biking, boating, fishing, golfing, offroading, shopping, dining, lodging, events and more! Home / Arizona's Playground . water . earth . air . fun. 400 Miles. Stunning coastline. 300 Days. Sunshine. 60 Miles. Navigable waterways. Play. View live video from our weather webcam . Get weather video and forecasts for planning your next ... Due to continuing health concerns for our guests and employees, Havasu Landing Casino is closed until further notice. Please visit our website for updates or call (760) 858-4593. Lake Havasu City is your safest bet. Each with its own style of gaming and entertainment, there is something truly special about casinos in Arizona. Our area plays host to two casinos and an off-track betting facility that cater to high-stakes and casual gamers alike. Count on the luck of the draw with bingo, hit the jackpot at the slots, or try your hand at blackjack or poker in the casino ...

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